Wednesday, July 5


    The tour’s second Southern escapade, crashing Norfolk, Charlotte, and Knoxville on consecutive nights, received virtually no national press coverage at the time.  Exiled and absent during most of July, Greenfield eventually dispatched this “really-on-the-road” leg with a few intriguing yet hearsay statements about the fluid, magical quality of the playing.  Reconstructing events from post-tour interviews, he wrote in STP:


    As the sine curve of offstage life reaches its low point, the music on stage peaks.

  In Norfolk and Charlotte and Nashville, the set seems to fly from beginning to end, the

  musicians completely locked into one another and on time, like a championship team in its

  finest, most fluid moments. But only people who listen, like Ian Stewart, and the Stones

  themselves and their supporting musicians, are aware of the magic that’s going down.


Beyond those lines, three impressionistic sentences from Terry Southern complete the entire national-level nachlass on Norfolk, Charlotte, and Knoxville.


    Fortunately, all three shows are preserved on tape, and so the multiple local newspaper reports in Norfolk end up adding zero to our knowledge of the concert set.  However, the “shiny green jacket” and “green coat” visuals here may be minor revelations, photography-wise.  Unless both reviewers were misled by color stage lights playing upon a dark leather jacket, Norfolk now emerges as one of the very few STP sites to get this rare wardrobe item, which can be seen in the distinctive concert shot of Jagger that adorns the cover of the famous Dell/Lyrical Image, Inc. tour commemorative.






Richmond Times-Dispatch


Newport News Times-Herald

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar



no songs mentioned




Rocks Off

Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter




Tumbling Dice


Love In Vain


Sweet Virginia






Midnight Rambler


“Johnny B. Goode = BBJ


Rip This Joint











Opening: Stevie Wonder


Jagger: “a green coat and the ‘holey’ jump suit that has been the trademark of this tour”


Opening: Stevie Wonder


Jagger: ”clingy purple jumpsuit with pink sash and shiny green jacket”



Opening: Stevie Wonder



Terry Southern, Saturday Review: “SLOW SWEEP PAN of four enchanted front-row (Norfolk, Va.) teenies in T-shirts (braless though pert) lettered: Mick Taylor – We Love You! And when he gave them his smile (boss charm, boss humility), they squirmed and squealed, and (or so it seemed) tingled all over.”


Virginian-Pilot: “Momentarily, Jagger donned his famous mock Uncle Sam hat to shake his bony hips in a dance of free emotionalism.”


Richmond Times-Dispatch: “Jagger was really loose, now, and his harp announced Midnight Rambler. He put his stars-and-stripes hat on and took part of his sash off.”


Newport News Times-Herald: “’Baby, baby, baby,’ Jagger screamed, his skinny form hunched over the footlights, moving to and fro in that slow, prancing dancers step and a ludicrous Uncle Sam hat a fan tossed him.”


Newport News Daily Press: “An ecstatic Dee Ann Price of Newport News was the lucky recipient of what was left of a red, white and blue Uncle Sam hat that Mick Jagger wore during a number and then threw to the audience. Needless to say, a number of people fought over it.”




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